Desert Events

We own 4 permanent desert campsites in the Morocco desert . Each has unique characteristics. Any or a combination of these stunning venues provide a natural yet exotic setting for tailor-made events, live entertainment programmes, or themed evenings.

Desert campsites

Our campsites combine the best of old world charm with modern amenities such as running water, electricity, showers, and restrooms. The Bedouin (nomadic) tents are adorned with rich Arabian artefacts, and the low wooden tables lend themselves well to traditional floor seating. Alternatively, banquet style seating can be arranged for more formal occasions.

Food and beverage

We can organise food and beverage to match mood or theme, and choices range from typical Middle Eastern specialities to international buffets with live cooking stations, or stately silver service dinners.


Our wide range of options for thematic entertainment covers live musical bands, belly dancing, fortune tellers, calligraphers, henna designers, fireworks, camel riding, and other local attractions like traditional dance.

Extra arrangements

We have a large range of corporate gifts that can be made available to your guests, either as a reward or as a souvenir of remembrance. Elaborate audio visual equipment can be arranged for branding and/or presentations at events. Several other arrangements can also be catered to, on request.

Special events

While we have the flexibility, creativity and resources to arrange events to match just about any theme, some events rank very high on our most requested list.

1001 Arabian Nights

In essence, this is the recreation of an Arabian Souk or traditional marketplace.  Heady with the aromas of incense, spices, and sheeshas (water pipes), the Jalsa (meeting place) is adorned with rich carpets, cushions, and traditional lanterns. The exotic ambience gets added colour as traditional artistes ply their crafts.

The Champagne Sunset Stop

Guests are invited to savour the beauty of the desert from atop the highest sand dune at dusk, while sipping a refreshing drink and savouring some canapés. Seating can vary between rustic rugs and cushions complemented by Arabian artefacts, and Western themed cocktail tables with champagne and white gloved service. The sunset stop can serve as a reception before dinner in the desert, or as a memorable event in itself.

Just For You

Any one of our desert campsites can be made available for private engagements, and serve as an ideal venue to surprise someone special or mark a special occasion in style. Be it a birthday, an engagement or a romantic evening, this is an intimate and idyllic setting to celebrate. All arrangements can be tailor-made, including travelling on camelback, a secluded spot to watch the desert sunset, and dinner served by lantern light under the stars.